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A fun and efficient method of learning music

imusic-school has developed an innovative method of creating music lessons to help students progress effectively at their own rhythm. offers music lessons built of short video sequences each one targeting a specific educational goal, as part of a structured course.

These videos can be watched as often as necessary, allowing you to progress quickly.

The benefits of imusic-school

Unlimited access to more than 315 music lessons given by artists and expert teachers

10 instruments with many different styles

Singing lessons and
conducting music lessons

Available anytime on your laptop, tablet or smartphone

Interactive lessons,
with new content added regularly

Unlimited access to all our lessons

Complete lessons and masterclasses

User-friendly learning tools:
sheet music, chord diagrams, multitrack backing tracks, lessons on harmony and musical theory, member forum,
and much more!


A teaching method adapted to all levels

cours de guitare Les Plus complets du Web

Complete and progressive lessons
for beginners

You want to acquire a solid musical foundation and learn to play music in an enjoyable way? Our method combines learning & fun to help you progress quickly.

cours de piano

Advanced lessons and masterclasses for the most experienced players

Do you want to start learning a new musical style or improve your technique? Virtuoso musicians and artists share their unique technique and tips!

Get unlimited access to all instruments & teachers

Develop your talent!