Josephine Vains

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Australian cellist, chamber musician and cello instructor

Josephine Vains is an Australian cellist, chamber musician and cello educator. She has a long and rich musician career. She teaches cello at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and several other conservatories and music schools in Australia.

Josephine has worked with a variety of artists and musicians in the frame of trio, quartet, quintet, opera, ensembles and more. She has performed in many places around the world: Japan, China, Europe, the Caribbean…

The pedagogy of Josephine Vains

At imusic-school, Josephine Louise Vains invites you to take her initiation course about cello. This introductory course is for absolute beginners who want to discover the cello, and learn more about this instrument.

For the more advanced cellists, she proposes a unique masterclass about Beethoven, Bach, Schumann and other great classical composers.

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Josephine Vains shares with you a cello introduction and tells about her experience as a cellist.

Discover the cello masterclass given by Josephine Vains. Study the greatest pieces composed by Bach, Beethoven and Schumann and more!

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