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Learn Chinese music with the Impressive Wu Yuxia, a Pipa professional player and Vice President of the Chinese National Orchestral Society.


Renowned Pipa Player and Teacher

Wu Yuxia is a famous Chinese pipa player, a national first-level performer. She is also a master’s tutor at the China Academy of Art. Moreover, she is a member of the national committee in the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. She is the vice president of the Chinese National Orchestral Society.

Wu Yuxia studied in several prestigious institutions such as the Music Class of Beijing Dance Academy, the Department of Folk Music of the Central Conservatory of Music… Since the 1980s, she has won awards in various major competitions.

She published the albums like “Wu Yuxia Pipa”, “Love Changbai Mountain”, “Yu Ming Oriental” and many others. Wu Yuxia remains an active musician on stage but is also involved in many popular cultural projects in China.

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Wu Yuxia’s performance is passionate, beautiful, skilled, and long-lasting. “People’s Music” commented in an article entitled “A Generation of Chinese Hands in Pregnancy”. Her performance is delicate and not artificial. Her passion is deep understanding, delicate expression and emotional abundance. The distinctiveness of the show has set a new look for the art of playing music.

A magazine mentioned that “her performance has already surpassed the stage of focusing on the techniques and melodies of the pipa. She entering the core of the melody and exploring the inner world of the protagonist in the song. With excellent cymbal playing techniques, her emotions are perfectly interpreted, and the audiences are moved.”

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Wu Yuxia, a musician from the Central Opera of China invites you to take her course of pipa.

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