Benjamin Geier

Expert in choir conducting, professional soloist and chorister


Learn with the American tenor and conductor Benjamin Geier

Benjamin Geier is a young American conductor and tenor from Indiana. He is a specialist of choir conducting and rehearsal techniques.

At imusic-school, Benjamin invites you to follow his two courses for beginner and intermediate conducting students, where you will learn to how to conduct a music ensemble or a choir.

He will teach how to communicate with the right gesture and will show you several conducting patterns.


His pedagogy

Benjamin will teach you the fundamentals of conducting step by step.

In his two courses, he will address concepts progressively so that you can better assimilate what you’ve just learned.

Your teacher of conducting

20 videos


Take a beginner conducting lessons with Benjamin Geier, a conducting specialist. Learn step by step conducting and rehearsal techniques.

20 videos


Discover Benjamin Geier’s online course about choir rehearsal techniques!

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