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Lew Mele (Double Bass) has toured with CBS recording artists The Tenents, Capitol Records artists Zappacosta, and RCA recording artist Roger Whittaker. He performed in a variety of theatrical productions as well as symphonic orchestras and freelance performing.

Lew Mele is a composer of original theme music for television shows and composer and producer of original songs and themes for film and videos.

The pedagogy of Lew Mele

Bowfire is a Canadian musical group from Ontario, featuring multiple violins, led by violinist and composer Lenny Solomon.

Lew Mele is also a member of Bowfire. Bowfire has continually proven itself to be a “must see” event everywhere it is presented, with audiences clamoring for more and standing ovations routine. It presents an “All Star Show” of the finest lineup of fiddle and violin virtuosos ever assembled on one stage.

It takes its audiences on a musical journey that moves seamlessly from Jazz, Classical, Bluegrass, Celtic, Rock, Gypsy, World, Texas Swing and Ottawa Valley and Cape Breton styles and mixes in incredible step and tap dancing and a beautiful voice. All of this gets wrapped around a fast-paced show with first class production values that include great sound, choreography, dramatic lighting, set design and costumes.

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In this introduction session to the double bass, Lew Mele makes you discover all the main elements and techniques to know about this nice instrument!

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