André Ceccarelli

André Ceccarelli shares his experience in this jazz drum masterclass!


Jazz Drums Masterclass

André Ceccarelli is a renowned musician that no longer needs an introduction. This drummer from Nice has accompanied and recorded with the greatest jazz, rock, variety and soul artists, such as Ray Charles, Charles Aznavour, Tina Turner, Sylvain Luc, Aretha Franklin, Claude Nougaro, Henri Salvador , Michel Jonasz, and many others ….

His musical career began when he decided to go to Paris at the age of 16 to play with the “Chats Sauvages”, but his real beginnings date back to the mid-1960s with Aimé Barelli’s fabulous orchestra in Monte Carlo. After playing with many touring artists, including Claude François, he turned to jazz – something he always dreamed of doing. He went on to play with the greatest jazz-men of the time while also becoming a very active studio musician.

Enjoy an outstanding experience with this jazz drum masterclass!

His pedagogy for drums lessons

Meet André Ceccarelli in this jazz drum masterclass led by Franck Agulhon.

From the exchange between these two renowned drummers comes a wealth of knowledge that will be structured around four main themes: drumming, playing techniques, tempo and text interpretation.

Take advantage of this masterclass to enrich your knowledge of your instrument and discover André Ceccarelli’s vision.

Discover a bonus game at the end of this course where André Ceccarelli talks about his drumming tips and also tells us about his passion for music!

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André Ceccarelli invites you to his Jazz Drumming Masterclass in which he shares his experience! Develop your skills with an exceptional drummer!

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