Lisa-Maree Amos

Meet Lisa-Maree Amos, orchestral flutist


Principal Flutist at Orchestra Victoria

Lisa-Maree is an flutist who performs as the principal flute of Orchestra Victoria, in Australia. She also plays regularly in the Unites-States and United-Kingdom. Lisa-Maree invites you to take her flute masterclass about classical pieces composed by Debussy and Brahms.

Let’s study the pieces “The Afternoon of a Faune” and “Symphony No.4 in E minor”, their techniques and their interpretation.

Classical flute masterclass

First, Lisa-Maree Amos will perform the piece by Claude Debussy named “The Afternoon of a Faune”. After that, she will make you practice your tone techniques.

You will have the opportunity to study another piece: “Symphony No.4 in E minor” by Johannes Brahms. Lisa-Maree will give an analysis of the notes and the solo section. Then, she will explain what are the main differences of styles between both pieces.

Your Classical Flute teacher

Take a flute masterclass about Debussy and Brahms music pieces with Lisa-Mare Amos, an orchestral flutist.

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