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Patrick Dillery is an active free-lance flutist, studio musician and private teacher. He is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota, but his work and talent have taken him far from his birthplace. He is a graduate of the Ithaca College School of Music but continued his studies in France and in New York City.

Patrick has performed in orchestras and concerts in the USA, Israel, France, and England. He was for several years principal flutist at Rhein-Main Theater in Frankfurt, Germany. Patrick Dillery presents flute ensemble clinics and lectures throughout the USA for Jupiter. He has also been a featured soloist in the Delta Queen Steamboat Co. and Celebrity and Silversea Cruise lines in Europe and Asia.

A Flutist’s Journey for pedagogy

As a 25-year experience teacher, Patrick Dillery continues to travel the globe to perform and teach. Now he is in collaboration with Arista flutes from Boston, USA, one of the finest handmade professional instruments. He will be doing presentations and concerts worldwide and will continue to lead masterclasses in the USA, Europe and Asia. Patrick teaches his students to constantly strive to perfect their technique so that they can perform a greater variety of repertoire.

His style of teaching is based on the artistic aspect of music. In other words, the technique is the vehicle for the expression and not something unto itself. Patrick considers that in order to tell our music story, we need to master various technical aspects on the flute in order to do so.

Your teacher of: Flute Classical

Patrick Dillery, an active free-lance flutist, takes students through many of the basic aspects of flute playing. These include proper posture and breath control, tone color and production, etc.

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