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A french composer-arranger-guitarist-bassist

Sylvain Luc was born on 7 April 1965 in Bayonne, France and he discovered the guitar at 4 years old, studied the cello for 10 years. He moved to Paris in 1988 and became an arranger, composer and accompanist for many pop artists, however, he expresses himself most freely through jazz music. His growing renown has led him to work with talented artists such as Wynton Marsalis, André Ceccarelli, Michel Legrand, Manu Katche, Michel Portal, Didier Lockwood, Richard Galliano, Bireli Lagrene, Steve Lukather … and many more. Thanks to these encounters, he was able to record many albums in collaboration with a variety of artists. He regularly travels around France, Europe and America giving concerts and doing recordings. In 2008, he won the Golden Django award.He arranges, composes and plays for the singer Benoît Cazenave, then he holds the bass in the trio of Richard Galliano and Francis Lassus, accompanies the Argentine singer Jaïro, prepares his classical guitar mastery with Michel Sadonovski at the UMIP, accompanies in studio Moustaki, Philippe Léotard, Romain Didier, etc …

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His predilection for strings is not limited to the guitar: while exploring classical wealth (with Jorge Cardoso), he learns to love the mandolin, the violin and studies the cello for ten years at the Conservatory of Bayonne. Luc has commented that his study of the Cello helped him build strength in his fingers which was beneficial for guitar.  In 2008, he won the Golden Django award. In 2000, he founded the formation Trio Sud with André Ceccarelli and Jean-Marc Jafet. The album in Duo with Biréli Lagrène “Duet” will tear in record time to tens of thousands of copies. From 2000 to 2001, Sylvain and the “SOUTH” Trio performed about 100 concerts in France, Germany, Switzerland and Canada, in addition to some thirty solo concerts in duet. In March 2002, Sylvain began a Solo tour and a tour with the SOUTH trio for the release of the new album. Since 2006 he has been a regular member of String Quartet, along with Didier Lockwood, Victor Bailey and Billy Cobham. In 2007, Sylvain Luc wins a Django d’Or as a confirmed musician.

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