Blufunk acoustic guitar course

Keziah Jones

By the master of the genre!
221 videos

Intermediate to Advanced

Keziah Jones presents his blufunk guitar course
Discover his playing techniques

Keziah Jones and imusic-school invite you to take this complete blufunk guitar course with the inventor of the genre himself.
Keziah Jones will share with you his blufunk experience, that he built while playing in the streets. Learn his most famous songs & the titles from his album « Captain Rugged »
You’ll learn acoustic blufunk guitar face-to-face with Keziah Jones. This exceptional guitar course will enable you to pick up this unique style that mixes blues, funk & the traditional Nigerian music, Yoruba

Lesson plan

Keziah Jones will explain in detail 23 titles that represent the particularities of his musical style.
Keziah will analyze in detail how to play blufunk, with special attention given to the left hand, which contributes to the originality of his playing. Every lesson will take you a step closer to learning blufunk, mixing guitar, base & percussions.
He will address all of the techniques : funk, thumb skills, Keziah Jones picking. For every song learned on the acoustic guitar, he will then use the electro-acoustic guitar to show you how to enhance your playing skills with effects.