How to play the harmonica

Charlie McCoy

Breathing, notes and bends ...
185 videos

Beginner to Intermediate

Learn the harmonica online with Charlie McCoy

Blues & country music legend Charlie McCoy, shares his experience with you & helps you learn & improve your harmonica skills.

With over 150 videos, you’ll learn all the essential techniques of harmonica playing that will enable you to play country & blues.

This course uses a step-by-step method with progressive exercises. At the end of each lesson, you’ll be able to practice your skills with a different song, using a playback & tablature.

Lesson plan

In this course you’ll learn all of the basic harmonica techniques, using well-known songs like “Shenandoah”,”America” or “Red River Valley”.

This well-rounded country harmonica lessons will take you through a gradual learning plan. Learn single notes, hand effects & bending & breathing techniques.

Charlie will also teach you bluegrass & country style playing, fast playing, trills & many more harmonica skills…

At the end, Charlie will accompany you on guitar & harmonica while you play “Take me home country road” and “Rocky top”.

Take a fun harmonica lesson online with imusic-school !