Anatomy of a jazz standard

Jean-Michel Pilc

Discover a piano Masterclass dedicated to the study of a jazz standard!
89 videos

Intermediate to Advanced

Take a Masterclass in jazz improvisation with a professional jazz teacher!

This Masterclass is intended for experienced musicians. In this piano course, Jean-Michel Pilc shares with us a different, less academic method of approaching a jazz standard on the piano, and tells us about his experiences as a musician. In a very imaginative way, he dissects the various stages that are: theme, bass, rhythm and improvisation – enabling you to play in different contexts, whether in a group or solo.

Learn how to analyze a jazz standard so you can better understand it and progress in improvisation!




The backbone of the standard

The melody, the rhythm, the bass and musical play with 2 voices


The language of jazz
Improvisation and melody
Improvisation and coloring
How to tell a story

Improvisation / Theme and Variation

The conditioning in different registers of the piano

Practical work

Applied exercises

A new version in 5/4

- Anatomy Redux / the arrangement of a standard
- Melodic improvisation and accompaniment
- Improvisation (continued)
- Accompaniment (continued)