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Learn to play the oboe with unlimited access to lessons! With imusic-school you’ll benefit from a progressive learning method using adapted tools and media, backing tracks and expert advice! Enjoy our Masterclasses with renowned oboe teachers!

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From beginner to expert, you’ll easily find courses that interest you! The level required to tackle a course will always be shown so you don’t get lost. You can check the chart at any time to find out where you’re at!

In correspondence with traditional academic programs

Our courses are structured much like the study cycles you’d find in a regular Music Conservatory or Academy:

Cycle 1 – Beginner cursus
3 levels with 1 to 2 years of practice each

Cycle 2 – Intermediate cursus
3 levels with 1 to 2 years of practice each

Cycle 3 – Advanced cursus

This shows you your progress and allows you to justify your level if you want to enter the conservatory.

Our Oboe lessons

6 videos


Joshua de Graaf, oboist member of the Australian Youth Orchestra, is glad to give you a course about the basics of oboe.

Stephen Bradley Robinson, solo oboist in Australia, shares his interest about new oboe techniques.

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