Heather O’Donnell

A famous soloist and the artistic director of many commissioning piano projects


American remarkable classical pianist

Heather O’Donnell was born in New Jersey in 1973 and she began studying piano at the age of five. She is an adjunct teacher of German at the Eastman School of Music. She lived, worked, studied, and taught for fifteen years in Berlin, Germany. She’s given lectures and held teaching positions at a number of institutions. For example, New England Conservatory, Ostrava Days Festival in the Czech Republic, and the iartschool in Hangzhou, China. Heather O’Donnell has lectured on various subjects such as the piano works of Schumann and Helmut Lachenmann, Thomas Mann.She has given solo recitals throughout the world and was a soloist with the St. Petersburg State Symphony, the Romanian State Philharmonic in Ploiesti, the Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra Leipzig, and the Harvard Summer Orchestra. She was also the first prize winner and the recipient of the Gaudeamus Foundation Prize in the Fifth Krzysztof Penderecki International Competition in Kraków, Poland. She was the artistic director of many commissioning projects including “Responses to Ives” and “Piano optophonique”.Her website: http://homeengl.heatherodonnell.info

Experienced pedagogy

Heather O’Donnell has taught piano for over 20 years. She was a faculty member at the Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice at New England Conservatory. But also an artist-in-residence at the New Music Indiana Festival in Rhodes University in South Africa and the Ostrava Days Festival in the Czech Republic. She has given masterclasses, workshops, and coaching at Manhattan School of Music, the Conservatoire Libanais National Supérieur in Beirut, Cornell University, Columbia University, and Mannes College of Music. Teaching is an essential and integral part of her identity as a musician.

Heather O’Donnell teaching method is primarily focused on two goals. Firstly, finding ways of reaching a student that respect his or her individuality. Secondly, effectively communicating the richness of experience and depth of expression inherent in the music itself. It is essential for her to pass on aural, cultural, and historical traditions that she received from her own inspiring teachers while continuing to explore and research diverse aspects of musicianship and pianism in order to maintain a vitality in her teaching that respects tradition while not relying on outmoded formulas.

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Heather O’Donnell, a professional American classical pianist, guides you to perform six famous classical pieces and explains how to interpret them.

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