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The unique pianist & composer: Jean-Michel Pilc

Jean-Michel is a self-taught pianist who has been passionate about jazz and improvisation since his childhood. Engineer-turned-professional jazzman at 27, Jean-Michel Pilc has become a unique pianist-composer after a rather atypical journey.

His rising reputation has led him to perform regularly with many famous musicians of the French and American jazz scenes such as Martial Solal. In 1995 he moved to New York where he formed a new trio with François Moutin on the double bass and Ari Hoenig on the drums. Their live album recording at the Sweet Basil club in February 1999 earned their group international recognition.

In 2000, he received the Django Reinhardt Award from the Jazz Academy, which rewards the musician of the year. He then signed with the label Dreyfus Jazz, with which he recorded several albums while being involved in many projects and musical collaborations on the side.

An approach to learning jazz standards, with Jean-Michel Pilc

Since 2006, Pilc teaches at NYU Steinhardt, teaching piano and other instruments and directing general classes and improvisation workshops. He is also co-director of the NYU Summer Jazz Impro Workshop, as well as a teacher at McGill University – Montreal. He published a book, “It’s About Music – The Art and Heart of Improvisation”, as well as several educational videos on improvisation and piano.

Jean-Michel teaches a unique masterclass on jazz piano. Benefit from the experience of an accomplished musician and jazz pianist and improve your piano techniques and style. This masterclass for advanced musicians, will give you a less academic approach that’s more based on the feeling of music. Thanks to Jean-Michel, you’ll learn to analyze a jazz standard in order to better understand it and improve your improvisation skills.

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Perfect your improvisation technique on the piano with Jean-Michel Pilc’s Jazz Piano Masterclass!

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