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The leading specialist in the field physiological approach to piano technique: Laurent Boullet


Specialized physiotherapist and pianist

Laurent Boullet was born in Belgium. In the last 20 years, he worked and lived in Berlin. Laurent has established himself worldwide as one of the leading specialists in the field of physiological approach to piano technique.

In 1994, a serious malfunction called focal hand dystonia prevented him from playing his instrument for more than a year, but in collaboration with specialized physiotherapists, he was finally able to re-educate his hand and start again his career as a concert pianist.

Laurent Boullet, has specialized for 15 years now in the physiological approach of the technique of keyboard instruments. He has since dedicated himself to the development of a new approach to piano technique. He works in close collaboration with the Institute for Physiology of Music in Hanover, world-renowned in the field. Its work is the subject of an in-depth study and is regularly the subject of international publications.

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Learn the piano with a physiological approach

Laurent Boullet studied in Mozarteum University Salzburg for 2 years and in Hanns Eisier College for 5 years. His speciality was the physiotherapist technique; he also collaborated with the Hanovre Institute about bodyism. Laurent contributed to create a new approach to piano technique. He has given more than one hundred Masterclasses and conferences on this subject, all over Europe, South Korea and the USA.

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Laurent Boullet, a piano physiologist, will make you discover the basics notions of blues piano.

Laurent Boullet, a specialized physiotherapist, will lead you to discover fingering and hands exercises in the physiological approach.

31 videos


Laurent Boullet explains what is Dystonia amongts musicians, its consequences and how to correct it with exercises.

31 videos


Laurent Boullet, a famous professional pianist, gives you a full course about the harmony in classical piano pieces.

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