Bob Stoloff

Introduction to Scat singing


Bob Stoloff at imusic-school

Bob Stoloff introduces you to Scat vocal techniques!

Bob Stoloff is a multi-instrumental American jazz musician, an expert in Scat singing (a vocal improvisation technique that uses onomatopoeia instead of words), as well as a recognized teacher who has taught Scat at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston.

Discover this unique course in Scat singing, by one of the leading experts of the genre.

Putting Chords Together (unit 3)

50 videos

Beginner to Advanced

Unit 3 introduces more progressive harmonic chord patterns including the II-V-I, extended II-V, and exemplifies how to modulate keys using the cycle V turnaround.


Rhythms & syllables (unit 1)

190 videos

Beginner to Intermediate

In this introductory course, Bob Stoloff teaches you vocal improvisation (Scat) using a variety of musical styles.


Major, minor and blues scale (unit 2)

95 videos

Beginner to Advanced

Unit Two teaches students how to navigate major, minor and dominant tonalities using an assortment of melodic patterns. Trade phrases with Bob in a variety of tempos and musical styles.