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A Canadian jazz guitarist

Bill Bridges was born in Alberta, Canada. He took up jazz, attending masterclasses and studying arranging and composition. Bill Bridges has been in Toronto since 1971, where quickly became in demand, working with local leaders and touring greats, including Howard Cable, Guido Basso, Bobby Edwards, Hagood Hardy, Phil Nimmons, Art Van Damme, and Red Norvo.

He can be heard on numerous television and film scores and has appeared on his own CBC special, The Magic of the Guitar. He has released two solo CDs, Dreaming of You and Sweet Dreams. For many years he served as Musical Director and guitarist for John McDermott. Also he was a member of the Shaw Festival Orchestra for a number of seasons. Bill’s stunning arrangements for the Wintergarten Orchestra make the band sound as good as it does! He has played with The Shaw Festival Orchestra, The National Arts Centre Orchestra and The Wintergarten Orchestra.

Jazz guitar lessons with Bill Bridges

Son of a farmer, Bill Bridges spent his youth in rural communities in British Columbia and Alberta,  where he honed his self-taught guitar skills by starting to take lessons from the best teacher in the area. Bill began playing the guitar when he was about 13. And when his 15th birthday, he dropped on the road with an R&R band. He became interested in jazz, attending masterclasses and studying arrangement and composition. In this cours, he will focus on the Basic guitar theory.

Bill Bridges makes a team of composers, musicians and technicians based at the String Room recording studio in Toronto, Canada. The String Room is a large, fully functional recording studio. It also serves as a composition, arranging and orchestrating centre. Juno Award-winning creator and Musical Director for Bowfire, violinist, composer Lenny Solomon and cellist/composer Wendy Solomon, well known for Cello-Quartet LUSH cellos along with composers, orchestrators Shelly Berger. Bill Bridges are now offering a budget minded way to fill and complete your tracks. (Lenny Solomon and Wendy Solomon also give lessons at imusic-school).

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Bill Bridges teaches the basics of jazz guitar going through harmony, improvisation and composition applied to jazz.

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