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Musician Tools

Discover a totally free space containing all the tools you may need as a musician. Metronome, tuners, chord charts, interactive keyboard… All these tools are useful, even essential in your musical path!

Our tools have been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Discover our online musician tools!

Online metronome

It is essential for a musician to learn to play in time to the beat! Whether you’re playing alone or in a group, rhythm is a fundamental part of learning music. The best way to work on your rhythm is by practicing songs.

Once you acquire the necessary technique to play a song, you can practice each exercise, each song’s rhythm. That’s where the metronome comes in handy! Our members will also be able to use backing tracks that we provide in our lessons!

Online metronome - musician tools

Online Tuner

All string instruments must be tuned before being played. That’s why we offer a range of free online tuners for guitar, bass, violin, piano and ukulele.

Our tuners are user-friendly & tailored to your instrument. Try to make it a habit to check that your instrument is well tuned before you play!

Online Tuner - imusic-school

Guitar chord charts

It’s easy to get confused by the amount of guitar chords, and all the different ways of playing the same chord. Don’t panic! Thanks to our easy online guitar chord diagrams, you’ll easily find the chord you’re looking for. You’ll be able to listen to every note that makes up the chord & find all the possible positions you can use to play it.

Guitar Chord chart - musician tools

Piano chord charts

Need to quickly find a piano chord? You’ll find all the piano chords in this online chord dictionary! Just indicate the chord you’re looking for & we’ll show it to you, along with a break-down of all the notes that the chord is made of.

Online Piano Chord Chart

Online piano / keyboard

Need a free virtual piano? We’ve got an interactive user-friendly keyboard you can use. Whether you need to tune a wind instrument, work on your voice, check that your piano is in tune, or you simply enjoy playing simple tunes, it’s always nice to have an accessible online piano!

Online piano keyboard - musician tools

Blank sheet music paper

Discover all our sheet music scores, tablatures, chord charts and blank chord charts for guitar, piano, etc. All models are downloadable for free in PDF format. You can easily print them and have them on hand to note your ideas, exercises, compositions and even make your own chord diagrams!

blank sheet music paper