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Online bass tuner

Your free bass tuner!

Enjoy a free online tuner special for bass! Intuitive and easy to use, it is the ideal tool to quickly tune and ring. This diatonic tuner offers standard tuning, in 4 strings: Mi La Ré Sol, in English notation: E A D G, it is tuned to the tuning fork, frequency 440Hz.

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Why tune the bass?

Tuning your bass is essential, simply to be able to play music! Tuning your bass allows all your strings to sound harmoniously with each other, and thus to be able to play musical phrases and songs. This is especially essential for playing in groups, so that the other instruments sound right with you. This is even more true for the bass which is the instrument that often serves as a reference to others

The bass tends to detune between 2 uses while you play. . Often designed in wood, they are sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity, etc. So take the time to check if your bass is tuned before each use!

Knowing how to tune your instrument is an integral part of your learning, and if the first few times seem to be a little laborious for you, do not panic, it will quickly become an automatism.

How to use the bass tuner online?

Our online tuner allows you to easily and quickly tune your bass.

To use it, nothing is easier! Just click on the string you want to tune. The tuner will give you the correct note, which is the one you need to get by playing the corresponding string. If you get the same rating, you are tuned! If you have a different note, you just have to adjust it on the instrument, turning the corresponding key, until you get the same note as the tuner. You stretch the rope, the sound is more acute, you relax the rope, the sound is more serious …

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