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This free interactive chart will help you figure out the finger positions for all guitar chords!

With this simple interactive chart, you can figure out how to play all guitar chords in 2 clicks! This tool groups various types of chords together & shows the different positions you can use to play the same chord.

Are you just starting out on the guitar? The most common position is the first one shown on the left, also known as the “open position”.

Cheat Sheet: how to read chords diagrams

  • Green circles represent the places on the strings where you will place your fingers.
  • Blank circle on the top of the diagram means you’ll be playing an open position chord.
  • Crosses on the top of the diagram mean you should not play that string.
  • Horizontal green line means you’re playing a barre chord (when you press down on all the strings at once using one finger).
  • Figures on the top right show you the number of the fret you should play the chord on.

How to use our online guitar chords chart…

This online dictionary of guitar chords will allow you to figure out any guitar chord as well as all the different versions you can play on different frets!

Once you choose the chord you’re looking for, the dictionary will show you examples of different positions you can use to play the same chord.

You can also choose to “make your own chord” by clicking on the corresponding tab. The dictionary will deconstruct and isolate the notes that make up the chord that you chose. These notes will be shown on the stem of an interactive fretboard, which will help you understand how a chord is constructed & the logic behind choosing a certain position.

Which fingers should I use to play these chords?

You probably noticed that this interactive chart doesn’t show you which fingers to use. This is because the fingers one uses can vary. They can vary from one instrument to another: for example, some electric guitar players may use their thumb for the first note, while classical guitar players do not. They also vary according to your technical needs: your finger positions may change depending on the chord progression you’ll be playing.

If you are a guitar beginner, you will find hereafter pdf charts with fingering proposals.

This dictionary is a visual aide. If you want to learn more about chord progressions, you’ll need to take guitar lessons and practice regularly…

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