Blues Chords – 8 blues guitar chords you must know !

Discover 8 forms of chords that will allow you to easily play and sound bluesy

Here, no chords strictly speaking, these are positions that you can apply for any tone. This will allow you great freedom by retaining only 8 blues chord forms! You will find here the most common positions used to play blues in the form of chord diagrams, download free in PDF format!

Download this practical document
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Beginner on the guitar? Learn to read this fact sheet!

The chords are presented as chord diagrams. If you can not read them, do not panic, we explain to you everything!

  • A chord diagram shows the neck of the guitar seen from the front, as if you held your guitar in front of you. The bass string (the low E string) will beon the left.
  • Frets are symbolized by squares.
  • Black circles tell you where to place your fingers. They are numbered to specify the position of each finger. From 1 for the index to 4 for the little finger.
  • A cross over a rope indicates that it should not be played
  • A round indicates that you have to play the “open string”, it means without pressing any square.

You now have the essential information to understand this fact sheet as beginner guitarists. If you want more details on the chord grids, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article!

Why these 8 guitar chord shapes?

These chord forms are simply the most common in the blues. They are used in countless blues songs and are therefore an excellent starting point to start and perfect your blues guitar skills!

These are therefore the most representative forms of blues chords. With only 8 forms, you can play and compose blues!
You will find several shapes for the same chord, which will allow you to vary the pleasures, and to give subtlety to your interpretations and compositions.
Finally, this practical sheet summarizes the chord shapes that you should know first and foremost to play blues on guitar. In addition, you can download it in printable PDF format so you can always have it at hand!

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