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Your free online tuners for all instruments

Discover our free, user-friendly, online tuners. You’ll find a guitar tuner, bass guitar tunerviolon tuner, & ukulele tuner, all on one page! We also have an online piano you can use to tune all sorts of instruments as well as practice your singing. All of these tools are tuned to 440Hz, the most commonly used frequency.

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Why use a tuner?

Tuning your instrument is an essential part of playing music. Tuning allows one to produce beautiful sounds on an instrument, as well as play harmonious musical phrases & play in unison with other musicians. You’ll also need to tune your instrument if you want to practice alone, for example, with playbacks or backing tracks.

Learning to tune your instrument is an important part of learning to play. It might be difficult the first few times, but don’t worry, it’ll get easier with practice & soon it’ll come automatically.

Guitars, bass guitars, violons, & ukuleles have a tendency to go out of tune regularly between two sessions or even while you’re playing. Because these instruments are usually made of wood, they can be sensitive to temperature changes, humidity, etc. On top of that, the strings themselves are subject to these same changes as well as wear. Make sure you take the time to tune your instrument properly before using it.

How to use our online tuner

• Our online tuner will help you tune your specific instrument: guitar, 4 or 5 cord bass guitar, ukulele & violin.

• Start by choosing the instrument you want to tune by clicking on the corresponding icon above the tuner.

• Once you’ve selected your instrument, simply click on the cord you wish to tune. The tuner will give you the correct note, the one you need to match with your instrument. If you get the same sound on your instrument, then that means the string is tuned! If you get a different sound, then you’ll need to adjust your instrument’s string until it sounds the same as the tuner’s string.

• For guitars, you can choose the standard tuning or in “Drop D”, which can be useful for playing certain songs!

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Learn to tune an instrument

If you feel alone in front of your tuner and your instrument, if you need help, do not hesitate to explore our guitar beginner lessons available in your user space. The tuning of the instrument is clearly explained.

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You are new to music? You want to start learning an instrument or learning how to sing?

Check out our music lessons tailored-made for beginners. 

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