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Cours de guitare jazz manouche


Gypsy Jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt

657 videos

Intermediate to Advanced

Romane’s course will teach you all the subtleties & techniques of Gypsy Jazz guitar playing

Cours d’harmonica Country

Charlie McCoy

How to play the harmonica

185 videos

Beginner to Intermediate

A harmonica course for those interested in learning the harmonica with one of the greatest Nashville musicians

cours de chant scat - Bob Stoloff

Bob Stoloff

Rhythms & syllables (unit 1)

190 videos

Beginner to Intermediate

In this introductory course, Bob Stoloff teaches you vocal improvisation (Scat) using a variety of musical styles.

cours de chant scat - Bob Stoloff

Bob Stoloff

Major, minor and blues scale (unit 2)

95 videos

Beginner to Advanced

Unit Two teaches students how to navigate major, minor and dominant tonalities using an assortment of melodic patterns. Trade phrases with Bob in a variety of tempos and musical styles.

cours de chant scat - Bob Stoloff

Bob Stoloff

Putting Chords Together (unit 3)

50 videos

Beginner to Advanced

Unit 3 introduces more progressive harmonic chord patterns including the II-V-I, extended II-V, and exemplifies how to modulate keys using the cycle V turnaround.

Cours de guitare acoustique blufunk - Keziah Jones

Keziah Jones

Blufunk acoustic guitar course

221 videos

Intermediate to Advanced

In Keziah’s blufunk guitar masterclass, learn his greatest songs & titles from his new album.

cours de piano - jean-michel -pilc

Jean-Michel Pilc

Anatomy of a jazz standard

89 videos

Intermediate to Advanced

Perfect your improvisation technique on the piano with Jean-Michel Pilc’s Jazz Piano Masterclass! Learn to analyze a jazz standard, & gain a better understanding of it while improving your improvisation skills!


Coming soon …

  • Percussions with Minino Garay
  • Classical Guitar with Sandrine Luigi
  • Drums with André Ceccarelli
  • Piano for beginners with Olivia Sanciu
cours de guitare Les Plus complets du Web

Try our online guitar lessons

Learn Acoustic guitar or electric guitar: since 2007 imusic-school has worked with the best French & international guitarists. Suffice to say that the lessons we offer are full of quality. Learn Jazz, gypsy, picking, blues, rock, folk, classical, metal, fusion … Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, the courses and methods are made so that everyone can progress at their own pace following a clear learning plan. Learn to interpret famous songs…& even learn them from their original composers or interpreters … Sheet music, tablatures, music theory and harmony lessons are available, as well as playbacks.

Guitar lessons
cours de chant

Take our online voice lessons

We believe everyone can learn to sing if they use the right method! imusic-school’s voice lessons have been developed to be effective and motivating.

Bob Stoloff will introduce beginners to the fundamentals of scat & vocal improvisation & slowly progress to the most advanced techniques. Learn about posture, breathing, pressure, vocal placement, rhythmic approach … Exercises and songs are also available in various musical styles (pop, reggae, rap, jazz, shuffle). In this course will make you enjoy using your voice as an instrument!

Voice lessons

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