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Learn music on imusic-school is to benefit from the experience of 60 teachers and renowned artists who have chosen our school to share their knowledge. Find various pedagogies to best fit your profile!

You can follow classical teachings with conservatory teachers, approach your instrument in a more playful way with courses that combine fun and learning or take advantage of specialists from their respective fields to tackle in depth more specific points or certain styles. of music !

In partnership with schools and training centers


Learn a large variety of instruments

Learn to sing

Learn the harmonica

Learn the double bass

Learn the saxophone

Learn the violin

Learn the viola

Learn the trumpet

Learn the harp

Learn the flute

Learn the oboe

Learn the clarinet

Learn the cello

Chinese instruments

Learn conducting

Happy students

Excellent site! With learnings of all levels from beginner to expert with several types of instruments. I love this way of being able to learn at your own pace with precise explanations and incredible teachers


Essential to progress. I can not afford to pay for lessons with a teacher, and in addition, the speakers offer a high-quality education that I have not found anywhere else.


The courses are varied and interesting. I progress at my pace on a simple and ergonomic site. The teachers are excellent and give us a taste for learning an instrument. I recommand it!

verified reviews

Invested teachers

« It is with passion that I participated for several years in the imusic-school adventure, the most relevant, exhaustive and effective of all online music schools, able to offer a detailed program and a solid progression, with a team of Intervening musicians with both a rich concertist background AND a solid experience in the transmission of their knowledge. A real joy ! »

Yannick Robert – Directeur pédagogique des écoles Ibanez

The widest choice of educational content

A clear organization according to your level

From beginners to experts, easily find the courses you are interested in! The level required to tackle a course will always be highlighted so that you can find your way easily. You can check the cycle chart at any time to find out where you are!

In correspondence with traditional academic backgrounds

Our courses are classified according to the academic cycles and levels of music conservatoires :

Cycle 1 – Beginner course
3 levels with 1 to 2 years of practice each

Cycle 2 – Intermediate course
3 levels with 1 to 2 years of practice each

Cycle 3 – Advanced course

This allows you to follow your progress, compared to the physical curriculum, and allows you to justify your level if you want to enter the music conservatory.

Our method

Learning tools

Our video sequences are short & structured to facilitate your progress. Each one touches on a specific topic so you can take the time to assimilate each topic at your own pace before moving on to the next! 

Structured learning method

Being able to situate oneself in one’s progression and easily find content adapted to one’s level and objectives is essential. That’s why our content is organized into detailed courses and curriculums. Locate your level at any time with the progress chart! We will also offer you content that may interest you according to your profile! 

A user-friendly platform

Our platform was developed specifically for learning music. The videos are automatically linked in order and you can easily resume directly where you left off last! You will also have all the tools you need to learn an instrument at your fingertips!

Motivating content

To make learning music a pleasure, the pieces studied are chosen for their educational value, but also to motivate you! Enjoy the multitrack backing tracks available to work and play the tracks as if you were there!

Music theory on the go

Music is learned through play first and foremost: start playing right away & learn the theory as you go along. You will also find music theory courses adapted to your instrument, as well as more advanced courses that address theory and harmony! 

Quality lessons

Enjoy quality pedagogy at every level! Whether it be preparatory work, teacher selection, video & media orchestration, sheet music, backing tracks, exercises … Nothing is left to chance! It’s all the result of a long-term project of providing you with the best possible learning experience! 

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Why learn music online?

Online courses offer great flexibility & make it easy to learn or practice playing an instrument. They offer greater access to knowledge, a cheaper cost, but most importantly they remove the limits of time and space: you can choose the teacher you want & learn wherever and whenever you want!

An unbeatable price

With voluntarily cheap subscriptions, we democratize learning of music. For a dozen euros a month, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to all our instruments, styles and teachers!

Our online classes can be used to accompany your physical classes.

Complete your physical music lessons

Physical lessons are often half an hour or an hour long, once a week. When you aren’t with the teacher, you are essentially learning your instrument alone

Your online courses accompany you every day as often as you need!

Make your life easier

No more appointments, you can take your classes whenever you are available,

No more trips to take your class: save on transportation costs,

And best of all, everything you need to learn music, is on one platform!

Save time

With all the stress of everyday life, it’s hard to make time!
No more time wasted in transport or waiting for your turn, no more time wasted searching on YouTube or hundreds of different sites with ads…

A passionate community

A team of more than 50 people worldwide

France, Mexico, China, United States .. Our teams are building a cultural project of global ambition! Professionals or music lovers, from conservatories, self-taught courses, municipal or private schools, their experiences feed an open project!

A committed community

You are already 100,000 to follow us on Facebook, to share our values for the practice of music.

Partners committed to our project


A necessary educational tool

Imusic-school aims to democratize access to all musical practices, amateur or professional. We offer an effective tool for teachers and students for more interactive and effective physical training. We help to preserve pedagogical knowledge, to give its access to everyone. Imusic-school was built on a fair system that allows to pay monthly dozens of musicians, hundreds of rights holders. It simplifies and makes your learning more efficient by bringing all you need together in one platform.

This project opposes the free everything, to respect the art and the artists. It is not the project of a team, but of all the artists and speakers who have their contribution to make. Our offer should not stop at the guitar, at the piano. It will take years to develop everything we want, but we are advancing every day, and we already built a recognized offer among the richest in the world.

Roland Pepe, Founder of imusic-school

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, learning music alone is possible.

Fortunately, by the way. Many musicians have always been self-taught. You will find many examples around you, among the famous artists and among the teachers and students of imusic-school. Fortunately, by the way. Many musicians have always been self-taught. You will find many examples around you, among the famous artists and among the teachers and students of imusic-school.

Even taking advantage of physical classes, your practice and progression are essentially individual. Just compare the weekly practice hours to the half-hour or class time you enjoy every other week in the year … What matters is your motivation to play regularly, and therefore your fun to play and progress to the instrument. So the most important thing is to find a motivation, be it a teacher, a band, some songs you want to learn how to play … </ p>

Physical lessons are better?

Of course! The teacher is at your disposal, analyze your mistakes, it is source of rhythm and motivation in your progress. But you have to find the best teacher and structure for your project: play for fun, become professional, play classical, jazz, pop or rock?

We created imusic-school for those who do not have the financial means to take classes, the physical ways to do it, those who prefer to play, progress , express their musicality in intimacy. For those who do not find the teacher or the structure that suits them…

To compensate for the absence of a physical teacher, imusic-school offers a discussion forum with other students and the teaching team. You can also send questions and videos, we will assist you.

Combine online and physical classes, the future of music education!

Studies and testimonials are multiplying: the best is to combine physical classes and online courses. A large part of our students also attend physical classes.

Students will find a way to understand during the week what they did not understand during their physical class. The ability to consult several approaches, can unlock your understanding and mastery! Students will also find a way to have fun, playing or studying styles, different pieces from those learned in class.

More and more teachers and schools are evolving and turning to this complementarity. To make the physical course a moment of exchange and interactivity, more and more teachers ask their students to consult our supports upstream. In order to integrate their structure, professional schools like the International Music Academy advise us to follow our path before the audition. A school like INM offers its students to learn singing on our platform.

Yes. You will have the possibility to create up to 5 profiles, for example: guitar, piano, vocals, drums, bass. This allows you to practice several instruments, it also allows the whole family to benefit from your access. From each of your profiles, you will have access to the entire catalog. For example: if you have created a guitar profile, you can access the studio content, the song content from the “all catalog” button.

There is no age to learn music. We strive to produce content that caters to all ages.
We have created a department dedicated to children from 4 to 9 years old for the introduction to music.
However, our content is aimed at students who can self-manage. A large part of our students are in active life, and find in imusic-school a way to realize their dream or resume a musical activity put in closets during studies.
Our courses can be used from the age of 14, or from the middle school and the age of 11, from voluntary and autonomous children. For younger children who want to practice music, we recommend taking physical classes, or enjoying a parent who can follow them in their online progression.
We are working on developing a special offer for these young musicians, follow our news.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us or send us a message on [email protected] or on our facebook page. You will have access to many speakers, different pedagogical approaches and styles, including piano and guitar, If a course does not suit you, you can change freely from your course space!

You will have access to many speakers, different pedagogical approaches and styles, including piano and guitar, If a course does not suit you, you can change freely from your space courses !

Your subscription allows you to finance:

Taxes and fees. Our services are taxed in France 20% VAT, and remunerate via the SACEM and publishing houses authors and copyright creators of music. Bank fees also: to facilitate access to our services, we offer basic to all our students, small monthly payments.

A team at your disposal.

We answer your questions every day, in your class space (forum and educational dialog boxes), via our contact email address @ imusic-school, or on our social networks.

Notre service client est à votre disposition par téléphone, chaque jour de 15h30 à 18h00. Un professeur est à votre disposition par chat, chaque jour ouvré de 18h00 à 20h00.

Means and technical developments.

Our service requires secure and powerful computer servers. We have developed a specific platform for the teaching of music, we work every day to make it accessible on your various media, to improve it, to maintain it. In addition to videos, we develop and offer interactive tools: metronome, tuner, playback, communication tools necessary for your learning.

Content production.

We have a dedicated team dedicated to content production. We do not stop producing new content. Your subscription therefore contributes to developing our offer.


To be able to offer affordable rates, we must gather as many students as possible. Our communication actions are targeted to support those who like us support music: professional or amateur festivals, jazz club, cultural programs, music schools …

For all these reasons, thank you for your support since 2007! Keep getting to know our project around you!

An international cultural project

Our ambition is to bring this project to a global level. The few quality projects in the world are expensive, offer only one instrument, and / or are exclusively in English. We must offer our services, ultimately, in all languages, at affordable rates and adapted to each. We started with Chinese in 2016 and Spanish in 2018, we will not forget the rest of the world. This deployment will provide everyone with access to other cultures: discover instruments, techniques, rhythms and harmonies on the other side of the world. To preserve and share, to enrich the music through the fusion of musical styles and approaches.

François Kreutz – President of imusic-school