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You do not have a physical tuner yet, you no longer have a battery in your tuner? Do not panic, this diatonic guitar tuner will help you. It allows to quickly tune any type of guitar, dry or electric. If you start: tune one string at a time, the standard tuning of the guitar is: E – A – D – G – B – E, in latin lettering it gives: Mi – La – Ré – Sol – Si – Mi…

Why tune the guitar?

Tuning your guitar is essential for the notes and chords you play to sound harmoniously together. Impossible to play simply if your guitar is not granted … Like any instrument, it is necessary to be granted, to play in a group or on backing tracks. To allow all musicians to be tuned together, most tuners are tuned to the same tuning fork, the 440Hz. This tuner is tuned to this frequency.

The guitar tends to quickly detune, be it between 2 uses or while you play. They are mainly made of wood and are sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity, pressure on the ropes, etc. So take the time to check if your guitar is tuned before each use!

How to use this guitar tuner?

To use this guitar tuner, just click on the string you want to tune. The tuner will give you the correct note, which is the one you need to get by playing the corresponding string. Turn the corresponding key on your guitar, until you get the same sound as the tuner. Pay attention to the height of the sound: by stretching your rope you climb in the treble while relaxing you go down in the bass …

Two tuning options are available: standard tuning or drop D!

Learn to tune the guitar? Change the strings?

If you can not, do not panic! To learn how to tune your guitar, you can consult the module dedicated to the discovery of the instrument in beginner guitar lessons offered by imusic-school: folk acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar.

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