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Online Violin Tuner

Your online tuner for the violin!

You have not yet bought a tuner for your violin, you are simply out of battery? Do not panic! This special diatonic violin tuner is free and easy to use. It offers a standard tuning of your violin, in G-D-A-E.

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How to use the online violin tuner?

The principle, as for a physical tuner, a chord after string.

To do this, click on the online tuner on the string you wish to tune. The tuner will give you the correct note, which is the one you need to get by playing the corresponding string. If you get the same note with your violin, you are tuned! If you have a different note, all you have to do is adjust it by turning the key of your violin. Stretching the rope, you climb the treble, relaxing it you go to the bass. This is good exercise for your musician’s ear …

You are tuned? It’s your turn !

Why tune your violin?

It is essential to tune your violin for each use. If it’s hard to sound good on the violin, to the great displeasure of your relatives, give yourself every chance of doing it by using a tuned instrument. This simply allows the 4 strings to sound harmoniously together, but also to just play with your friends and on the backing tracks. This tuner is tuned for this on the standard tuning fork, at a frequency of 440Hz. The violins quickly detune, it is imperative to tune your instrument regularly: at least every time you take your violin out of its case, but also during your practice. Knowing how to tune your violin is an integral part of your learning. If the first time can be tedious, rest assured: it will quickly become an automatism.

Learn to tune your violin, Learn to play the violin

Learning by oneself is possible, but it is always better to be accompanied. If you do not have a teacher, imusic-school offers a complete course to learn how to play the violin. This tuner is available in your course space, to be used throughout your practice.

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