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At imusic-school choose between 12 instruments, and learn the one you like! Our online music lessons are given by outstanding artists and teachers! Discover our beginner guitar, piano, singing lessons and browse our large catalog of lessons and masterclasses. From only $34.99 per month, get unlimited access to all lessons and instruments, wherever and whenever you want, available on all devices: laptops, tablets and smartphones. Learn to play the instrument that you’ve been dreaming for a long time!

The most complete guitar lessons on the web

Classical guitar, acoustic guitar, or jazz guitar, imusic-school brings together since 2007 the best international guitarists. Jazz, gypsy, blues, rock, classical… the most advanced educational content ever offered online. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, lessons and methods are adapted so that everyone can progress at his/her own pace.

And for fun, you’ll be able to play on the most famous pieces and popular songs. Find also sheet music, tabs and backing tracks.

Learn to play guitar

Learn or improve your piano playing online

Online piano lessons have the advantage compared to physical music schools and music academies to offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of time and frequency. They allow students to combine their passion with their busy daily life and to progress at their own pace. The piano lessons we propose are prepared and taught by professional music teachers and artists.

The pedagogical approach is both fun and technical. We make available a wide range of styles and music pieces. Posture, keys, notes, chords, rhythms: beginners will learn the theory while playing their instrument.

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